Motherbridge of Love (Review)

Here’s an in-depth review of a children’s book about adoption: Motherbridge of Love.

Red Thread Broken

Motherbridge of Love book review

Motherbridge of Love

Authors:   Xinran Xue, Josée Masse (Illustrator)

Ranking: ★★★☆☆

Plot Summary:

This book is a short poem, explaining to adopted children that they have two important women who have shaped their lives – both the birthmother and the adoptive mother. 


The cover illustration is a beautiful image of two hands surrounding a child, forming a heart shape. When looking again at the picture, one can see that the hands come from two different sources, wearing two different sleeves. This symbolizes the biological and adoptive mothers’ joint love for the child. However, a confusing element to this picture is that all three characters represented have the same skin color. When dealing with transracial adoption, this is simply not a reality.

The book paints a very positive image of children staying connected to China through clothing, activities, and travel. Illustrations in the book depict the little girl…

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Creating a Strong Family Story

What If a Village Really Will Raise a Child?

by Marisha

One week ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bill into law that allows California children to have more than two legal parents. The bill was partially a response to a case where a lesbian couple broke up and couldn’t parent the child. The child’s biological father wasn’t allowed to take the child and, instead, the girl was sent into foster care.

Here’s a link to an article about this bill.

I don’t know why a judge couldn’t choose a biological parent over foster parents, but knowing the thickly scarred institutions of California, I am betting it’s because he hadn’t gone through proper foster parent certification. Why it was necessary to allow for more than two parents instead of a bill that would give a biological parent the first place position in a case like this, I do not know.

But my imaginative brain is just spinning over this. My first thoughts went to adoption. If more than two parents can legally parent a child, then open adoption could change to something new. Rather than the very different roles of legal adoptive parents and the birth mother (and in some cases birth father, if he’s involved), all three or four could “equally” parent the child.

You think kids learn to play one parent off the other NOW (whether the parents are married or divorced)? I realize that when some adoptees get a little older–say, teen years–they may do this anyway in an open adoption, but if all parents have the same legal status, what will happen?  And what if there are more than three or four parents? I haven’t read of a limit on the number of legal parents. What if an entire village decides it really is going to parent a child?

Where does YOUR mind travel when you think about this new law?

Smore Stories – The Arena Of Adoption Must Become More “We” Than “I”

Smore Stories – The Arena Of Adoption Must Become More “We” Than “I”.

Rage Against the Minivan: An open letter to my professor about China’s one-child policy (GUEST POST)

jenni_lee_ftYou’ll want to read Jenni Fang Lee’s letter to her insensitive professor.

Rage Against the Minivan: An open letter to my professor about China’s one-child policy (GUEST POST).

Millions Touched by Adoption

Adoption Search and Reunion

There are approximately 5 million adoptees, which are in the center, 10 million birth parents and 10 million adoptive parents, add brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc., and at least 135,000,000 people are affected by adoption.

This is NOT counting spouses, children, grandchildren, in-laws, or friends of adoptees.


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