Gifts to the World by Nina Schidlovsky

Nina Schidlovsky

Photographer & Singer

Photo by McCall Doyle Photography

Nina loves creativity and imagination and tries to incorporate both into her everyday life. Aside from writing, she dabbles in singing, graphic design, card crafting, and is currently diving back into photography. Her favorite things to photograph are animals and nature. As a child she dreamed of being a photographer for National Geographic. Although her life’s goals have changed, she still loves capturing the raw essence that nature has to offer.

Marisha and Luanne love the intense focus Nina brings to nature with her amazing photography.  Nina hints at her romantic nature, as well, in her work.  Nina is engaged to Luke and her photography reflects this happy event.

Nina’s singing has long been a part of her life.  We think you will love her singing as much as her photography.  We’ll start you off with a song by Nina.  01 Songbird,  More of her music can be found here.

Beauty of Creation

Marisha shares a visual snack today between yesterday’s featured artist, filmmaker Michael Shipka, and tomorrow’s poet . . . .

Beauty of CreationLos Angeles Dec 2012

Beauty of Creation
Los Angeles Dec 2012

Gifts to the World by Juliet Ercolano


Juliet Ercolano, photo taken by a friend

When asked to describe herself, Juliet always answers the same way: “I am a people person.” Now a senior in high school, she plans to study psychology or human services in college so she can become a therapist or counselor to either elderly people or kids who have been adopted trans-racially.  Her favorite pastimes, other than hanging out with friends, are photography, dance and listening to music. Her iPod is running out of room!

Juliet has been accepted to her first choice school–Elon University.  She will be attending Elon next fall.

Last summer, Juliet exhibited her photographs at the School of Creative and Performing Arts’ showcase at the Parsons The New School of Design in New York City, and served as a counselor-in-training for girls ages 9 to 12 at Holt International‘s Adoptee Camp, which brings together several hundred adopted kids each summer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


DWLA loves Juliet’s photography for both its technique and radiant expression of Juliet’s own interest in people, human emotion, dance, art, and music.   She specializes in capturing intense moments of human communication and focus.

A Sampling of Juliet Ercolano’s Photographic Art


Self-Portrait 1

Self-Portrait 2



Best wishes to Juliet Ercolano as she winds down her high school career and moves on to her college experience at Elon University.

She has a bright future ahead of her!

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