Gifts to the World by Marisha Castle



Marisha writes and performs singer/songwriter, pop, and acoustic music with her guitar and piano. She is currently working on her first demo CD with a music producer.  She has performed in Los Angeles at clubs such as Parlor on Melrose and Eleven Nightclub.

A graduate and B.F.A holder of the University of Oklahoma’s Musical Theatre Department, Marisha has been trained in many vocal styles, dance, and acting.  Her resume includes many musicals, such as Miss Saigon, Rent, and Chicago; plays like Joy Luck Club and A Piece of My Heart; screen work such as the lead in a short film All the Little Girls; and music videos. She has representation across the board in L.A, where she currently resides.

The singer/songwriter passion drives Marisha to work hard at her dreams. Through self-examination, which includes understanding her adoption, she has been able to delve into all aspects of herself and use it to create her art in many forms. She wrote this song, “Save Me,” over a year ago and has provided a snippet of it for us to enjoy. Her songwriting truly is her diary and her lyrics really express what she is going through–raw and with honesty. She is so excited to share this with our blog supporters and to be among the other talent that is being represented in the showcase!

Note from Luanne:  Marisha provided this short video ” Save Me,” and we were going to post it with a video from a club performance.  But with a mom’s privilege I begged her at the last minute to record another song just for us without background club noise.

arrow-rightHere is If I Could.



In costume for a music video

Gifts to the World: Animal Art

DWLA Introduces

Teen Artist Cadence Moffitt

Cadence Wren Moffitt was born in China in March 1998.  She was adopted in October 1998. She lives in Alaska with her mother and sister, where she enjoys volleyball, digital art, and photography.  Cadence also is a writer.  She has been an artist for most of her life.

Marisha and Luanne love Cadi’s bold work.  This piece highlights the wildlife indigenous to Alaska, where she lives.  It’s wonderful how she uses the world right around her for her inspiration.  We are looking forward to seeing Cadi pursue her artistic dreams!

Native Wolf by Cadence Wren Moffitt





The month of December will be devoted to SHOWCASING the artistic endeavors of adoptees. ADULTS AND CHILDREN are welcome to submit.

We are looking for:

* VISUAL ART–painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, cartoons, scrapbooking, needlework, more (jpg)

* PERFORMANCE ART–singing, dancing, acting , comedy, choreography, directing, musical composition (video link)

* WRITTEN ART–poetry only (Word document)

No, art does not have to touch upon the subject of adoption.
This is the time for adoptees to SHARE THEIR TALENTS with others.

Submit to

Videos need to be YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Flickr, DailyMotion, Viddler,, TED Talks, or Videolog. We will embed onto the blog.

Other than our right to publish your art on this blog, you keep the rights to your artwork. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST OR COMPETITION. It’s a chance to show off your work. Therefore, whether your piece(s) is selected or not is not a reflection on talent, but on other factors, including space.


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